Types of Membership

CAMFEBA warmly welcomes individual company, Business Associations, Non-profit organizations and individuals to be our members. Our membership is categorized into the following:

Ordinary Member

Every company legally registered in Cambodia can join CAMFEBA as Ordinary Member. Being the Ordinary members, you can stand for and vote the Executive Committee members of CAMFEBA and get full access to all our services including the attending the overseas training. (Application Form)

Association Member

A Business Association legally registered in Cambodia can join CAMFEBA as an Association Member. The Business Association will get full rights and access to our services as the Ordinary Member. Moreover, the members of the Business Associations are also considered as our indirect members. However, the Indirect Members cannot enjoy our Legal Advisory Service and Overseas Training opportunity, stand for and vote the Executive Committee members. If they want to get our full rights and services, we encourage them to become our Ordinary Members by paying the Annual Subscription fee only.  (Application Form)

Associate Member

CAMFEBA warmly welcomes the Non-profit organizations as well as the Individuals who want to work the private sector in Cambodia as the Associate Members. Even though the Associate Members can enjoy all our services, they do not have the right to stand for and vote the Executive Committee members of CAMFEBA.   (Application Form)


The official year of the Federation shall be January 1st to December 31st. All members have an obligation to pay subscription at the first registration base on below conditions:

1- Ordinary Members

Entrance Fee (One-time pay)*


Annual Subscription Fee


*The Entrance fee will be waived for any company that wishes to join CAMFEBA as an Ordinary member if they are already a member of any Business Associations that are members of CAMFEBA.

2- Associations Members

Entrance Fee (One-time pay)


Annual Subscription Fee


                 - Members from 1-19 companies

$300 flat

                 - Members from 20-199 companies**


                 - Members over 200 companies


 ** Association Members do not need to pay the membership fee for any of their members that are also the Ordinary members of CAMFEBA.

3- Associate Members



                 Entrance Fees (One-time pay)


                 Annual Subscription Fee




                 Entrance Fees (One-time pay)


                 Annual Subscription Fee


Note: From the second year onward, members are required to pay annual subscription fee only.

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